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Foreign trade (COMEST). June 2015
The main goal of these statistics is to present the trade flows of exports and imports of goods between Catalonia and abroad.
09.04.2015 (1 day ago) | Economy | New data
Asylum applicants. 2014
For the very first time, Idescat publishes information on the total number of asylum requests for the period from 2008 to 2014. Said information contains comparative data between Catalonia, Spain and the European Union.
09.04.2015 (1 day ago) | Economy | New product
Large store sales index (IVGS). July 2015
The large stores sales index provides monthly information on the evolution in the volume of sales in retail commercial establishments defined as large non-specialised stores (2,500 m2 of sales area).
09.02.2015 (3 days ago) | Economy | New data
Retail Commerce Indexes (ICD). July 2015
The main objective of this index is to measure the short-term developments of companies of retail trade activity. The results are disaggregated into food products and other products.
08.28.2015 (8 days ago) | Economy | New data
Industrial price index (IPRI). July 2015
The Industrial Price Index is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution in the prices of products manufactured by industry during their first phase of commercialisation.
08.25.2015 (11 days ago) | Economy | New data
Hotel activity indicators (TURHOT). July 2015
The Hotel Occupancy Survey is one of the main sources of statistics for gauging tourist activity.
08.25.2015 (11 days ago) | Economy | New data
Profitability indicators of the hotel sector (ADR). July 2015
The Profitability indicators of the hotel sector aim to provide information on the revenue received by hotel companies for providing an accommodation service, both per occupied room and available room.
08.25.2015 (11 days ago) | Economy | New data
Indicators for activity in the services sector (IASS). June 2015
The activity indicators in the services sector measure the short-term evolution in the activities of companies operating in the Retail, Transport and storage, Hostelry, Information and communication, Professional, scientific and technical activities, Administrative activities and auxiliary services.
08.17.2015 (19 days ago) | Economy | New data

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Indicators of the day

Selection of economic indicators
Indicator Value
Imports June/15 14.0%
Exports June/15 15.2%
Trading companies Aug/15 18.6%
Large stores sales (IVGS) July/15 4.9%
Registered unemploy. Aug/15 -11.4%
Construction costs June/15 -4.0%
Building tenders July/15 -62.0%
Electricity July/15 6.6%
SS contributors July/15 3.6%
Dwellings mortgages June/15 10.7%

Imports June/15

Year-over-year variation in imports

Catalonia: 14.00

Spain: 9.80

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Basic data of Catalonia
January 1, 2015 (prov.)
rate 2nd quarter 2015
var. between 1Q 2015 and 2014
var. between July 2015 and 2014

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