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Comunicacions: "Registre de fitxers estadístics:el control en la utilització de la informació estadística oficial sotmesa a secret estadístic"
Idescat publishes "Registre de fitxers estadístics: el control en la utilització de la informació estadística oficial [Register of statistical files: control in the use of official statistical information]", which is number 4 in the "Comunicacions" collection. The publication can be consulted in PDF format.
11.30.2015 (1 day ago) | Idescat | New product
Retail Commerce Indexes (ICD). October 2015
The General Index of Retail Commerce without service stations, at current prices, increased by 4.7% year-over-year in Catalonia in October 2015.
11.30.2015 (1 day ago) | Economy | New data
Competitive Position of the Industrial Sector (PCSI). 2Q 2015
The Index of Competitive Position in Prices of the Catalan manufacturing industry with respect to the other industrialised countries shows a favourable growth in interannual terms, with an increase of 2.2 percentage points in the second quarter of 2015.
11.27.2015 (4 days ago) | Economy | New data
Statistics on Commuting for Study Reasons. University Education (EMOUNIV). Academic Year 2013-2014
61.0% of university students commuted from the municipality where they lived in Catalonia to one of the 22 municipalities in which universities are located.
11.26.2015 (5 days ago) | Population | New data
Industrial price index (IPRI). October 2015
The Industrial Price Index is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution in the prices of products manufactured by industry during their first phase of commercialisation.
11.25.2015 (6 days ago) | Economy | New data
Survey about Use of ICT and e-commerce in companies (ETICCE). 2014
20.3% of Catalan companies with 10 employees or more traded by means of electronic commerce in 2014. This figure represents a decrease of 1.6 points compared to the previous year, according to the Survey on the Use of ICT and e-Commerce in Companies 2014-2015.
11.25.2015 (6 days ago) | Economy | New data
Hotel activity indicators (TURHOT). October 2015
Overnight stays in hotel establishments have increased by a year-on-year 6.5% in Catalonia until October 2015, according to the Hotel Occupancy Survey.
11.24.2015 (7 days ago) | Economy | New data
Profitability indicators of the hotel sector (ADR). October 2015
The average billing per occupied room or Average Daily Rate (ADR) at hotel establishments in Catalonia increased by 10.6% over the October year-on-year rate.
11.23.2015 (8 days ago) | Economy | New data

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Selection of economic indicators
Indicator Value
Retail commerce index Oct/15 4.7%
PCSI II/15 102.7
Dwellings under constr. Sep/15 79.9%
Dwellings mortgages Sep/15 34.3%
Export climate III/15 7.7
IPRI (Industrial Products) Oct/15 -0.7%
ICT in companies (%) 2014 99.1%

Retail commerce index Oct/15

Year-over-year variation in the retail commerce index at current prices

Catalonia: 4.70

Spain: 3.80

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