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Input-Output Framework for Catalonia (MIOC). 2011
Idescat is publishing the Input-Output Framework for Catalonia 2011, which represents the most precise description available of the Catalan economy, and is the first to apply the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010), the new methodological standard of the European Union whose implementation is obligatory as of September 2014.
02.27.2015 (4 days ago) | Economy | New data
Statistics on Farm Structure (EXPAGR). 2013
Idescat is publishing data from the Statistics on Farm Structure 2013, which updates the data from the Agricultural Census 2009 for Catalonia.
02.26.2015 (5 days ago) | Economy | New data
Industrial price index (IPRI). January 2015
The Industrial Price Index is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution in the prices of products manufactured by industry during their first phase of commercialisation.
02.25.2015 (6 days ago) | Economy | New data
Profitability indicators of the hotel sector (ADR). January 2015
The Profitability indicators of the hotel sector aim to provide information on the revenue received by hotel companies for providing an accommodation service, both per occupied room and available room.
02.23.2015 (8 days ago) | Economy | New data
Competitive Position of the Industrial Sector (PCSI). 3Q 2014
The index of price competitiveness of industry compares the prices of manufactures from Catalonia with the prices of the same products in countries that trade with Catalonia.
02.20.2015 (11 days ago) | Economy | New data
Municipal Population Register (PMH). Foreign population. 2014
As of 1 January 2014, there were 1,089,214 foreign people living in Catalonia, according to the Municipal Population Register, making up 14.5% of the Catalan population. The number of foreigners fell by 6% compared to 1 January 2013, and this decrease was seen in all counties.
02.19.2015 (12 days ago) | Population | New data
Municipal Population Register (PMH). Statistical exploitation. 2014. Definitive data
The population aged under 15 years resident in Catalonia on January 1, 2014 was 1,185,386, a figure representing 15.8% of the total. The population group aged between 15 and 64 years was (66.4%), and that aged 65 years and over was (17.8%), according to definitive data from the Municipal Population Register. Idescat first published the centenarian population census that was 1,884 people (1,548 men and 336 women).
02.19.2015 (12 days ago) | Population | New data
Announcement of the 6th Nursery Competition for Surveys and Experiments
The sixth edition has been announced of the Nursery Competition for Surveys and Experiments, organised by the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics at the UPC, the Faculty of Economics and Business at the UB and the Faculty of Science at the UAB, and which is supported by Idescat.
02.19.2015 (12 days ago) | Idescat | News

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Indicators of the day

Selection of economic indicators
Indicator Value
Dwellings under constr. Dec/14 18.3%
Dwellings mortgages 2014 0.7%
Dwellings mortgages Dec/14 53.0%
IPRI (whitout energy) Jan/15 -1.2%
Export climate IV/14 7.0
ADR Jan/15 78.89

Dwellings under constr. Dec/14

Year-over-year variation in the number of construction permits

Catalonia: 18.3%

Spain: -21.6%

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Basic data of Catalonia
January 1, 2014
rate 4th quarter 2014
var. between 3Q 2014 and 2013
var. between Jan. 2015 and 2014


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