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Active Population Survey (EPA). Training and working conditions. 2015
26.6% of the employed population of Catalonia stated that they had worked at least one Saturday each month in 2015, according to the Active Population Survey.
05.26.2016 (1 day ago) | New data | Labour
Industrial price index (IPRI). April 2016
The Industrial Products Price Index decreased by 1.2% on a year-over-year basis; in Catalonia in April 2016.
05.25.2016 (2 days ago) | New data | Prices
Hotel activity indicators (TURHOT). April 2016
The number of overnight stays in hotel establishments in Catalonia have decreased 2.2% year-over-year for the month of April, 2016, according to the Hotel Occupancy Survey
05.24.2016 (3 days ago) | New data | Tourism
Profitability indicators of the hotel sector (ADR). April 2016
The average billing per occupied room or Average Daily Rate (ADR) at hotel establishments increased by a year-over-year 7.2% in Catalonia in April 2016 and stood at 87,6 euros.
05.23.2016 (4 days ago) | New data | Tourism
Indicators for activity in the services sector (IASS). March 2016
The general activity index for the service sector (IASS) increased by a year-over-year 1.1% in Catalonia in March 2016.
05.20.2016 (7 days ago) | New data | Trade · Services
Turnover Index on Industry (IVNI). March 2016
The Industrial business volume index for industrial products, excluding energy, registered a year-on-year decrease of 2.4% in Catalonia in March 2016.
05.20.2016 (7 days ago) | New data | Industry · Energy
Industrial New Orders Received Index (IECI). March 2016
The index of new orders for industry (IECI) for industrial products, excluding energy, registered an inter-annual decreases of 2.9% in Catalonia in March 2016.
05.20.2016 (7 days ago) | New data | Industry · Energy
Gross Disposable Household Income. Counties and municipalities (RFDBC). 2013
>El Barcelonès remained the Catalan county with the highest income per inhabitant, which amounted to ?18,100 in 2013 and was 11.8% above the average for Catalonia, which was ?16,200 per inhabitant. The other highest income counties were El Baix Llobregat (?17,000), El Vallès Occidental (?16,600) and El Ripollès (?16,500).
05.19.2016 (8 days ago) | New data | Macromagnitudes
Population estimates (EP). 2015. Advance
On 31 December 2015 the population of Catalonia amounted to 7,434,295 inhabitants, according to the advance of post-census estimates put together by Idescat.
05.18.2016 (9 days ago) | New data | Population figures

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Selection of economic indicators
Indicator Value
Export climate I/16 9.6
Electricity Apr/16 -0.4%
Cement consumption Apr/16 7.2%
IPRI (Industrial Products) Apr/16 -1.2%
Hotel overnights Apr/16 -2.2%
Building tenders Apr/16 5.4%
ADR Apr/16 87.60

Export climate I/16

Balance of responses about the order book

Catalonia: 9.6

Spain: 0

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