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Foreign trade (COMEST). January 2014
The main goal of these statistics is to present the trade flows of exports and imports of goods between Catalonia and abroad. The administrative information source with which Idescat works is the territorial operations file of the Customs and Special Taxes Department of the State Tax Administration Agency.
04.17.2014 (2 days ago) | Economy | New data
Business climate survey (CLEM). 1Q 2014
The Business Climate Survey collects quarterly the opinion of the representatives of 3,000 companies with activity in Catalonia and allows to know the current situation, the evolution and the expectations of a set of variables affecting the economic development of businesses, and also to anticipate possible changes of trend in the economic cycle.
04.15.2014 (4 days ago) | Economy | New data
Statistical Extension Workshop. Big Data and official statistics: opportunity or threat? May 7, 2014
Idescat is organising, next May 7, 2014, the debate on Big Data and official statistics: opportunity or threat? as part of the Big Data Week 2014. This debate will contribute knowledge and ideas from the perspective of official statistics, academia and research, and also the business world.
04.11.2014 (8 days ago) | Economy | News
Consumer Price Index (CPI). March 2014
The Consumer Price Index measures the evolution over time of the price levels for consumer goods and services purchased by the population living in family dwellings.
04.11.2014 (8 days ago) | Economy | New data
Comunicacions: "Classificació catalana d'ocupacions 2011 (CCO-2011)"
Idescat has published the third part of the "Comunicacions" collection, dedicated to release of the Classificació catalana d'ocupacions 2011 (CCO-2011), which can be viewed in PDF format.
04.11.2014 (8 days ago) | Idescat | New product
Business Confidence Index (HBCI). 2Q 2014
The system of harmonised indicators of business confidence presented by Idescat is constituted by three quarterly indicators: one on the situation, another on expectations and the Harmonised Business Confidence Index (HBCI).
04.10.2014 (9 days ago) | Economy | New data
Industrial Production Index (IPI). February 2014
The Industrial Production Index is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution in the volume of gross added value generated by industrial branches and by industry as a whole. It therefore measures the changes in industrial production without the price effect.
04.07.2014 (12 days ago) | Economy | New data
Large store sales index (IVGS). February 2014
The large stores sales index provides monthly information on the evolution in the volume of sales in retail commercial establishments defined as large non-specialised stores (2,500 m2 of sales area).
04.02.2014 (17 days ago) | Economy | New data

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Indicators of the day

Selection of economic indicators
Indicator Value
Imports Jan/14 0.6%
Exports Jan/14 4.1%
Business climate I/14 -0.5
Goods ports Feb/14 12.4%
SS Affiliates Mar/14 0.4%
CPI Mar/14 0.1%

Imports Jan/14

Year-over-year variation in imports

Catalonia: 0.6%

Spain: -0.6%

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