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Quarterly Labour Cost Survey (ECL). 2Q 2014
The Quarterly Labour Cost Survey is a continuous sample-based statistical operation conducted by the INE. The main goal of the QLCS is to find out the cost of the workforce, considering the average labour cost per worker and month, by effective hour, as well as the time worked and not worked on a quarterly basis.
09.16.2014 (1 day ago) | Society | New data
Statistics Day 2014
The programme for Statistics Day 2014 is now available. This year's edition will be organised by the Universitat de Girona, and will take place on 3 October in the Faculty of Arts' Graduation Hall, in the Barri Vell de la Universitat de Girona.
09.16.2014 (1 day ago) | Idescat | News
Population Estimates 2012. Postcensal Data (PDF)
Idescat is offering a PDF download of the publication Estimacions de població 2012. Dades postcensals.
09.15.2014 (2 days ago) | Population | New data
Consumer Price Index (CPI). August 2014
The Consumer Price Index measures the evolution over time of the price levels for consumer goods and services purchased by the population living in family dwellings.
09.12.2014 (5 days ago) | Economy | New data
Industrial Production Index (IPI). July 2014
The Industrial Production Index is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution in the volume of gross added value generated by industrial branches and by industry as a whole.
09.10.2014 (7 days ago) | Economy | New data
Foreign trade by technological content (COMTEC). 2Q 2014
The main goal of this statistics, which are drawn up by Idescat based on Customs files, is to present the trade flows of exports and imports of industrial products, which involve a high level of expenditure on R&D, between Catalonia and abroad.
09.08.2014 (9 days ago) | Economy | New data
Industrial waste. 2012
For the first time on its website, Idescat is incorporating data on the generation and treatment of industrial waste at the municipal level, which is produced and disseminated yearly by the Waste Agency of Catalonia.
09.08.2014 (9 days ago) | Society | New product
Large store sales index (IVGS). July 2014
The large stores sales index provides monthly information on the evolution in the volume of sales in retail commercial establishments defined as large non-specialised stores (2,500 m2 of sales area).
09.05.2014 (12 days ago) | Economy | New data

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Indicators of the day

Selection of economic indicators
Indicator Value
Electricity July/14 1.8%
Labour costs II/14 -1.3
Building tenders Aug/14 35.7%
SS Affiliates Aug/14 2.1%
Goods ports July/14 12.7%
CPI Aug/14 -0.1%

Electricity July/14

Year-over-year variation in turnover for electrical energy

Catalonia: 1.8%


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