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Companies on 1 January. By activity sector, size and legal condition

Companies on 1 January. By activity sector, size and legal condition Catalonia. 2018
Value Variation (%)
Companies with establishments in Catalonia 630,020 1.7
Industry 38,613 3.6
Construction 75,418 2.3
Services 515,989 1.5
Without wage-earners 356,439 0.8
1-9 238,858 2.9
10-49 26,565 3.3
50-199 5,703 2.9
200 or more 2,455 4.5
Natural person 322,015 1.9
Public limited company 20,034 -2.6
Limited liability company 228,473 2.3
Others 59,498 -0.1
Companies with head offices in Catalonia 618,366 1.5
Source: Idescat, based on the Central Company Directory (DIRCE) of INE.
Companies on 1 January. By activity sector, size and legal condition Spain. 2018
Value Variation (%)
Companies 3,337,646 1.7
Industry 206,711 4.0
Construction 412,523 2.4
Services 2,718,412 1.4
Without wage-earners 1,845,881 1.2
1-9 1,339,433 2.0
10-49 126,345 4.7
50-199 20,149 4.9
200 or more 5,838 5.2
Natural person 1,786,037 2.2
Public limited company 78,866 -3.8
Limited liability company 1,181,391 1.6
Others 291,352 0.1
Source: INE. Central Company Directory (DIRCE).

Date published: October 26, 2018.

Statistics EE

Methodological note

The Statistics on companies and establishments is a detailed report on the number of companies with economic activity in Catalonia, which considers this to be companies having some manner of establishment in Catalonia. This statistics report also denotes the number of companies with their headquarters in Catalonia, as well as their establishments located in Catalonia. Idescat formulates the tables in this statistic report annually, using the Central Company Directory (DIRCE) of the National Statistical Institute (INE).

The DIRCE contains basic information (identification, location within the territory, and classification by size and economic activity sector) on the businesses and establishments located in Spain, which are compiled from administrative sources and statistical files along with information originating from the INE's own operations. The DIRCE covers all economic activities except farming and fishery production and administrative services of the central, autonomous and local government (including Social Security), the activities of property owners' associations and domestic services.

The CCAE-09 has been used on the sectorial delimitation since 2008. The following divisions of the CCAE-09 are not included: 01-03 (agriculture, livestock and fisheries), 84 (Public administration, defense and compulsory social security) and 97-99 (Activities of extraterritorial organizations and households). In the period previous to year 2008 the CCAE-93 Rev.1 in the sectorial boundary has been used, reason why the data of this period with those of the later one cannot be compared. Divisions of the CCAE-93 Rev.1 not included: 01-05, 75 and 95-99.

The two summary tables found in the section on economic structure indicators, both the one for companies and the other for establishments, include information on the companies with a certain activity, or in other words, those with establishments in Catalonia, regardless whether the headquarters of the company are located in Catalonia.

It must be considered that this statistics report, when companies are classified by activity sector and number of employees, refers to the sector and employees of the company as a whole (so if the company has employees outside Catalonia, this number is still taken into account).

The data reference period is from the 1st of January of the corresponding year.