Statistics on Audiovisuals M

These statistics contain an estimation of the main characteristics of the production, distribution and exhibition of cinema, video, radio and television, and provide data on their economy, finance, offer and generated employment, and also on the demand for audiovisual goods and services.

The most relevant statistical results for this sector are presented in four sections:

  • Economy of the audiovisual sector, where data is presented in relation to the economic structure of the sector obtained from an exploitation of the Annual survey of services and estimations of family expenditure on audiovisual equipment and services taken from the Statistics on household consumer expenditures. Exceptionally, data is also available for 2001 in the form of the results of the estimation of the main trends of the production function of the audiovisual sector presented in the Input-Output tables for Catalonia 2001 and, for 2003, from the estimated data for professional employments in the audiovisual sector in Catalunya.
  • Audiovisual offer, where data is presented as compiled by the Department of Culture and the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries in relation to cinema and by the Audiovisual Council of Catalonia in relation to radio and television. In this section, from 2006 a set of tables is presented for the first time in relation to the timing of news stories in news programmes by thematic descriptors and by geographical distribution since the year 2003, and also data on the offer of national and local terrestrial digital television (TDT) digital audio broadcasting (DAB).
  • Demand for audiovisual content, which presents data on the consumption of audiovisual goods and services from the Survey on cultural consumption and practices and the time that the population dedicates to the media taken from the Statistics on the use of time.
  • Activities related with the audiovisual sector, which present, since the 2010 edition, data on the economic structure of the advertising sector, also obtained from an exploitation of the Annual Services Survey. This economic data is also provided for the 2007, 2008 and 2009 editions in order to complete the series.

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