Pensions and other Income Maintenance Benefits M

The Pensions and other Income Maintenance Benefits statistical operation provides information, from 1991, on the number of the most significant economic benefits: contributory pensions to the Social Security, civil service pensions, non-contributory pensions, unemployment benefits and insertion income.

The initial design of the statistics (which has fundamentally been maintained) was conditioned by the diversity and limitation of the sources. In order to overcome these difficulties, in 2017 Idescat adopted the criteria to use the individualised pay slips from December as a source of information. Applying this criteria to each of the benefits involves a transition process, which explains the coexistence of statistics of different designs.

Idescat annually draws up this data for the whole of Catalonia, based on the following sources: the Catalan Institute for Assistance and Social Services; the National Institute of the Social Security; the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Tax Ministry.

Geographical area: Catalonia

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