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Population search

The population search makes it possible to quickly find the latest population data published for any territorial level of Catalonia:

  • Catalonia (CAT)
  • provinces (PROV)
  • territorial areas of the General territorial plan for Catalonia (ATP)
  • counties (COM)
  • municipalities (MUN)
  • inframunicipal territorial levels collected in the Statistical nomenclature of population entities of Catalonia: collective population entities (EC), singular population entities (ES), population nucleuses (NP) and population disseminates (DS).

The source of the information are municipal censuses of inhabitants and the reference date is each January 1 since the continuous census was established after the last operation to renew the municipal census of inhabitants in 1996 (reference date May 1, 1996).

The officialisation of the population data on January 1 of any given year occurs towards the end of the same year when it is approved by the Council of Ministers. The diffusion of this data by municipalities and by superior territorial levels is immediate. During the first quarter of the following year, by a statistical exploitation of the census data, population data is published by inframunicipal levels. Therefore, for a short period of time, at the start of the year, the municipal data and the superior territorial levels have a reference date of January 1 of the year before and the data on inframunicipal territorial levels has a reference date of January 1 of two years earlier.