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011 Commissioned armed forces officers
021 Non-commissioned armed forces officers
031 Armed forces occupations, other ranks
111 Legislators and senior officials
112 Managing directors and chief executives
121 Business services and administration managers
122 Sales, marketing and development managers
131 Production managers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries
132 Manufacturing, mining, construction, and distribution managers
133 Information and communications technology service managers
134 Professional services managers
141 Hotel and restaurant managers
142 Retail and wholesale trade managers
143 Other services managers
211 Physical and earth science professionals
212 Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians
213 Life science professionals
214 Engineering professionals (excluding electrotechnology)
215 Electrotechnology engineers
216 Architects, planners, surveyors and designers
221 Medical doctors
222 Nursing and midwifery professionals
223 Traditional and complementary medicine professionals
224 Paramedical practitioners
225 Veterinarians
226 Other health professionals
231 University and higher education teachers
232 Vocational education teachers
233 Secondary education teachers
234 Primary school and early childhood teachers
235 Other teaching professionals
241 Finance professionals
242 Administration professionals
243 Sales, marketing and public relations professionals
251 Software and applications developers and analysts
252 Database and network professionals
261 Legal professionals
262 Librarians, archivists and curators
263 Social and religious professionals
264 Authors, journalists and linguists
265 Creative and performing artists
311 Physical and engineering science technicians
312 Mining, manufacturing and construction supervisors
313 Process control technicians
314 Life science technicians and related associate professionals
315 Ship and aircraft controllers and technicians
321 Medical and pharmaceutical technicians
322 Nursing and midwifery associate professionals
323 Traditional and complementary medicine associate professionals
324 Veterinary technicians and assistants
325 Other health associate professionals
331 Financial and mathematical associate professionals
332 Sales and purchasing agents and brokers
333 Business services agents
334 Administrative and specialised secretaries
335 Regulatory government associate professionals
341 Legal, social and religious associate professionals
342 Sports and fitness workers
343 Artistic, cultural and culinary associate professionals
351 Information and communications technology operations and user support technicians
352 Telecommunications and broadcasting technicians
411 General office clerks
412 Secretaries (general)
413 Keyboard operators
421 Tellers, money collectors and related clerks
422 Client information workers
431 Numerical clerks
432 Material-recording and transport clerks
441 Other clerical support workers
511 Travel attendants, conductors and guides
512 Cooks
513 Waiters and bartenders
514 Hairdressers, beauticians and related workers
515 Building and housekeeping supervisors
516 Other personal services workers
521 Street and market salespersons
522 Shop salespersons
523 Cashiers and ticket clerks
524 Other sales workers
531 Child care workers and teachers' aides
532 Personal care workers in health services
541 Protective services workers
611 Market gardeners and crop growers
612 Animal producers
613 Mixed crop and animal producers
621 Forestry and related workers
622 Fishery workers, hunters and trappers
631 Subsistence crop farmers
632 Subsistence livestock farmers
633 Subsistence mixed crop and livestock farmers
634 Subsistence fishers, hunters, trappers and gatherers
711 Building frame and related trades workers
712 Building finishers and related trades workers
713 Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers
721 Sheet and structural metal workers, moulders and welders, and related workers
722 Blacksmiths, toolmakers and related trades workers
723 Machinery mechanics and repairers
731 Handicraft workers
732 Printing trades workers
741 Electrical equipment installers and repairers
742 Electronics and telecommunications installers and repairers
751 Food processing and related trades workers
752 Wood treaters, cabinet-makers and related trades workers
753 Garment and related trades workers
754 Other craft and related workers
811 Mining and mineral processing plant operators
812 Metal processing and finishing plant operators
813 Chemical and photographic products plant and machine operators
814 Rubber, plastic and paper products machine operators
815 Textile, fur and leather products machine operators
816 Food and related products machine operators
817 Wood processing and papermaking plant operators
818 Other stationary plant and machine operators
821 Assemblers
831 Locomotive engine drivers and related workers
832 Car, van and motorcycle drivers
833 Heavy truck and bus drivers
834 Mobile plant operators
835 Ships' deck crews and related workers
911 Domestic, hotel and office cleaners and helpers
912 Vehicle, window, laundry and other hand cleaning workers
921 Agricultural, forestry and fishery labourers
931 Mining and construction labourers
932 Manufacturing labourers
933 Transport and storage labourers
941 Food preparation assistants
951 Street and related service workers
952 Street vendors (excluding food)
961 Refuse workers
962 Other elementary workers