Statistics and Accounts of Cultural Enterprises (EMPCULT). 2014


The turnover carried out by cultural enterprises in Catalonia amounted to 10,614 million euros in 2014, its added gross value rose to 3,758 million euros and it employed 104,609 people.

The Statistics and Accounts of Cultural Enterprises summary statistics that bring together a set of economic magnitudes and indicators relevant to enterprises in this field. This information, produced yearly, will allow greater monitoring of the actual situation of the cultural sector in Catalonia from an economic point of view and determine the behaviour of the enterprises offering cultural goods and services.

Definition of the activities that make up the cultural sector is grounded in the methodological work carried out by the European Statistical System Network on Culture (ESSnet-Culture, in PDF), created by the European Commission and Eurostat. UNESCO's 2009 Framework for Cultural Statistics was also taken into account.

The information on the activity of cultural enterprises used in this study comes from the following statistical sources: the Annual Survey of Services, the Industrial Companies Survey, the Statistics on R&D Activities, the Survey on Innovation in Companies and the Statistic on Foreign Trade.

Statistics and Accounts of Cultural Enterprises

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