Survey about Use of ICT and e-commerce in companies (ETICCE). 2015-2016


23.8% of Catalan companies with 10 employees or more traded by means of electronic commerce in 2015. This figure represented an increase of 3.5 points compared to the previous year and a difference of 3.7 points on the Spanish data (20.1%). The value of the sales of these companies made through telematic networks represented 41.8% % of its turnover, and stood 1.5 points above the previous year (40.3%) and 5.7 points above the Spanish average (36.1%), according to the Survey on the Use of ICT and e-Commerce in Companies 2015-2016.

Idescat presents the detailed results of the survey for Catalonia as a whole. These statistics are published annually and provide information of the main indicators in relation to the use of such technologies by Catalan companies. The results on the equipment and use of ICT refer to first quarter 2016, while the information on e-commerce relates to 2015.

Use of ICT and e-commerce in companies 2015–2016

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