Personal income tax (IRPF). 2014


El Barcelonès and El Garraf were the counties with the highest personal income tax rates (IRPF) in 2014, with 23,103 and 22,022 euros respectively. With respect to 2013, El Barcelonès gained 0.9 percentage points, and El Garraf, 1.

Municipality-based analysis revealed that Sant Cugat del Vallès and Matadepera are those with the highest values, with 36,285 and 35,845 euros respectively, representing increases of 1.2 and 2.7 percentage points respectively compared to the previous year.

Idescat presents the general taxable income and the payments resulting from personal income tax in 2014, drawn up from the personal income tax declarations (IRPF) by municipalities of over 1,000 inhabitants, county capitals, counties, provinces and areas of the Territorial Plan of Catalonia.

General Taxable Income This is the amount formed by the total yields obtained by the taxpayer during the tax period. They mainly include earned incomes, fixed and movable capital (intellectual and industrial property, leased real estate, assignment of image rights, etc.), business and professional yields, and variation in asset values.

Resulting quota from Self-Payment This is the amount resulting after applying deductions by double taxation (dividends, international...) and from tax compensations.

Personal Income Tax

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