Pensions and other income maintenance benefits (PPSR). Contributory Social Security Pensions. 2015


In 2015, in Catalonia a total of 1,668,604 contributory pensions were received, with an annual total of 21,465 million euros. This economic volume represented more than 10% of the GDP of Catalonia and an increase of 3% with respect to 2014. Likewise, it was 18.6% of the volume of this concept for the whole of Spain.

By regime of Social Security, the General Regime was largely majority, since it received 72.9% of the pensions and 82.1% of the economic volume. In the other hand, in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (the next most important), showed 18.4% of the pensions and 12.8% of the econòmic volume.

As for the type of pension, 63.5% of pensions corresponded to situations of retirement (which represented 71.6% of the annual total) and 23.6% corresponded to situations of widowhood (which represented 16.4% of this annual total).

The information released today completes that published in June 2016 on Pensions and Other Income Maintenance Benefits (PPSR).

The group of periodical benefits for income maintenance, make up the central core of the Catalan social protection system, as they represent around 60% of the resources. These benefits guarantee the maintenance of a certain level of income for groups whose sources of income have, for whatever reason, been reduced or annulled.

Idescat produces annual data on changes in the number of benefits, the annual amount and the average benefit for each of the most relevant financial benefits: contributory social security pensions, the state pension system for the passive classes, non-contributory pensions, unemployment benefits and insertion income. The data is produced on the basis of different sources: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Families; National Institute of Social Security; Ministry of Employment and Social Security and Ministry of Finances and Public Administrations.

Pensions and other income maintenance benefits

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