Household projections (PROJL). 2016-2036


The number of households will continue to increase in Catalonia in the upcoming years, until it reaches a figure of 3.37 million in the year 2036, which represents some 406,000 households more than in 2016, according to the Household Projections 2016-2036. The average size of Catalan households will decrease to 2.32 people in 2036.

With regard to the number of people per household, the main growth will be in single-person households, which will reach 958,352 in 2036, with an increase of some 236,000. Two-people households will continue to be the most common households in Catalonia (1 in 3), forecast at 1.16 million. Those made up of 3 people will increase moderately (21,000 households) and will be increasingly less important among household types, until, it is expected, from the start of the third decade of this century, they are less than 1 in 5. Finally, those made up of four or more people will decrease to some 68,000 households, especially those among them of greater size, it is estimated to about 600,000 in the year 2036.

Regarding territorial distribution, in the run up to the year 2026, the number of households will increase in all counties except for six. The main increases relating to households are found along the coast (in the counties from El Baix Camp to La Selva) and in the Metropolitan area (except for El Baix Llobregat), as well as El Gironès, El Segrià and El Pla de l'Estany. On the other hand, the inland areas and the Pyrenees are where the counties with decreases in the number of households or those with smaller growth tend to be localised. The average household size is decreasing in all counties, and in the year 2026, values will range from between 2.2 people in Alta Ribagorça and El Pallars Sobirà to 2.6 people in El Pla de l'Estany and El Pla d'Urgell.

The Household Projections consist of a statistical operation by Idescat which provides information on the future evolution of the number of households, their average size and some of their characteristics, in Catalonia and the territory. The results are presented according to 4 evolution scenarios (low, average and high, and high population variable) in the run up to the year 2036 and territorially disaggregated in the run up to the year 2026.

The results are provided on 1 January of each year for the period 2016-2036 for Catalonia and for the period 2016-2026 (time frame of the territorial projection) for the different levels of disaggregation in the territory. For each year and every one of the 4 scenarios, the total number of households, households according to the number of people (up to 5 or more) and the average size of the household are published.

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