Foreign tourism Expenditure (TURDEST). March 2017


The total expenditure made by foreign tourists whose principal destination was Catalonia stood at 1.053 million euro for March 2017, which represented a year-over-year increase of 13.5%. By country of habitual residence, France stood out with a total expenditure of 127 milion and United Kingdom with a total expenditure of 94 milion. The average daily expenditure person was 195 euros, a figure that represented a increase of 9.9%. The main statistical items correspond to expenditure on the international transport (not included in the tour package) with 31.0% and expenditure on activities (20.5%).

Idescat is offering (under test) a new web interface of interactive consultation that allows the monthly and annual crossing of several variables. This new interface is part of the Cerdà Platform project, which is Idescat's future commitment as a technological platform of the Integrated Statistical Information System (SIIE).

The statistics on Foreign Tourism Expenditure for Catalonia provides monthly information on expenditure, average expenditure per person and the average daily expenditure per person for foreign tourists whose primary destination of their trip is Catalonia. The data is disaggregated by country of habitual residence, reason of travel, principal accommodation, types of expenditure, organisation and length of the trip, and routes of access. The data reference period is considered the month in which the trip ends, regardless of its length.

Idescat makes a monthly treatment of the Survey of Tourist Movement on Borders and Tourist Expenditure from the INE and expands upon the expenditure results for Catalonia.

Foreign tourism Expenditure

Foreign Tourism Expenditure. Interactive consultation

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