Indicators of Life Expectancy and Health of the Population. Life table. 2013 (2011-2015)


Idescat is publishing the 2013 life table, calculated with the information on deaths and populations from the five-year period 2011-2015. This statistic joins the series of life tables put together from the moving averages of five years, which began in 1983 with data from the period 1981-1985.

Life expectancy at birth of the population of Catalonia in 2013 is 82,88 years, 79,97 years for men and 85,67 years for women, a difference of 5.7 years in benefit of women. In the last 10 years, life expectancy at birth for the population as a whole has increased by 2.6 years, with a greater increase for men (3.1 years) than for women (2.1 years). Life expectancy at birth is similar for all four provinces, the highest being in Barcelona and Girona (83.07 and 82.81 years, respectively) and the lowest in Tarragona and Lleida (82.56 and 82.64 years respectively). Life expectancy at 65 years is 21.05 years, 18.88 years for men, and 22.93 years for women, with a difference of 4.1 years between the sexes. In the last 10 years, for the whole of the population, life expectancy at 65 years has increased by 1.8 years.

Idescat published the complete life table for the population of Catalonia, which offers the life expectancy for all ages, and the abridged life table, for Catalonia and the provinces, with five-yearly results by age.

The life table and the standardised mortality rate by age form part of the statistics on Indicators of Life Expectancy and Health of the Population. The Idescat complete and abridged life tables for the 1983–2013 period complement the annual series of abridged life tables, calculated with an annual base, that are produced by the Ministry of Health on the basis of the deaths recorded in the Mortality Register of Catalonia and the postcensal population estimates.

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