Spanish Nationality Acquisition. 2013-2015

The Idescat has initiated the dissemination of statistical data on the Spanish Nationality Acquisition Statistics of Residents in Catalonia. These statistics report the number of people usually residing in Spain who have acquired Spanish nationality within the year of reference and who were previously nationals of another country or considered stateless.

The information is obtained from a statistical treatment of the records of nationality compiled by the Civil Registry, performed by the INE since 2013.

Until 2013, the only available source for nationalisations was that of the Statistics on the Granting of Spanish Citizenship by Residence, developed by the Spanish Ministry for Labour and Social Security and still carried out to this day. These statistics differ from those on Acquiring Spanish Nationality in two respects: on the one hand, they only take into account acquisitions by residence and, on the other hand, the time period is the moment in which the nationality is granted (procedure prior to the actual acquisition). Hence, there is a time lag between the two statistics.

The series of data starts in 2013 and provides results for the whole of Catalonia and for the four provinces.

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