Statistics on Pensions. 2016

The number of contributory Social Security pensions collected by residents of Catalonia increased by 6.6% over the period of 2011-2016, reaching a total of 1,668,195 pensions as of 31 December, 2016, according to the Pensions Statistics. The average gross monthly pension was 954.00 euros, wherein the figure for men was 1,232.00 euros and women 727.10 euros.

As far as the type of pension is concerned, the highest were retirement pensions, which stood at 1,079.30 euros, slightly ahead of permanent disability pensions (1,017.80 euros). These were followed by those allocated for widowhood (653.20 euros) and orphanhood (379.00 euros).

At the municipal level, there is a group of 80 municipalities where the average monthly amount of contributory Social Security pensions surpassed 1,000 euros. In addition to Barcelona, Girona and Tarragona, the other large municipalities (over 50,000 inh.) included Sant Cugat del Vallès, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Castelldefels, El Prat de Llobregat and Viladecans. On the contrary, there are 220 municipalities where the average pension was lower than 700 euros per month. This group of municipalities, mostly found in the interior and southern Catalonia, are sparsely populated (nearly all have under than 5,000 inh.).

The counties with the greatest increase in the number of contributory Social Security pensions are El Baix Penedès (15.0%), El Garraf (12.8%) and El Tarragonès (12.2%). There are also 8 counties where the number of pensions fell. The data for 2016 of Bages, Osona and Vallès Oriental are not directly comparable to those of 2011, due to the creation of the Moianès in April 2015.

El Barcelonès, with 1,034 euros per month, is the county registering the highest average pension. This county, along with El Baix Llobregat, El Tarragonès, El Garraf and El Vallès Oriental, recorded pensions above the Catalan average.

The objective of the Statistics on Pensions is to provide information on the number of pensions and the mean contributory pension of the Social Security (on 31 December of the reference year), according to the pensioner's municipality of residence. The data is presented by contribution schemes and types of pension, according to the sex and age of the recipient. This statistic is drawn up annually and is geographically broken down by municipalities, provinces, counties, areas, and for Catalonia. Idescat draws up this statistic based on the administrative file of pensions of the National Social Security Institute and the Social Marine Institute .

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