Longitudinal Statistics on Working Lives. 2016

The number of people in Catalonia who had some sort of administrative relationship with Social Security was 5,189,325 in 2016, whether as contributors, pensioners or residents. Of these 3,664,700 were registered for paid employment for at least one day, a figure which is 3.2% more than the previous year and 8.4% less than in 2007, the year before the start of the economic crisis. Of these 3,664,700 people, 2,235,050 were registered for paid employment all year, 2.9% more than in 2015 and 8.9% less than in 2007.

The number of people that received an unemployment benefit or subsidy for at least one day was 688,600 in 2016, a figure which represents a decrease of 6.6% compared to 2015 and an increase of 23.3% compared to 2007. Of these people, 65,575 were beneficiaries all year. As for the receipt of contributory pensions, 1,505,275 people were beneficiaries at some point during the year and, of these, 1,290,425 were beneficiaries all year.

The Longitudinal Statistics on Working Lives are a statistical treatment of the files in the Continuous Sample of Working Lives (MCVL), which are produced annually. The study population of the MCVL is all persons who have been affiliated or have received a contributory pension at any time during the reference year, regardless of the time they have been in this situation. The reference population for the longitudinal statistics of labor lives includes people residing in Catalonia, regardless of where the pension was paid or received, and those who do not reside but have contributed or received the contributory pension in Catalonia.

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