Industrial Production Index. 01/2018

The Industrial Production Index (IPI) adjusted by working days (base 2015=100) increased by 5.0% on a year-over-year basis in Catalonia in January 2018. By large industrial sectors, all sectors recorded increases: equipment goods by 8.9%, intermediate goods by 5.6%, consumer goods by 4.6% and energy by 0.8%.

In this same period the index of industrial production (which does not include energy and is not adjusted by working days) increased by 10.4% compared to the year before.

The Industrial Production Index is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution in the volume of gross added value generated by industrial branches and by industry as a whole. It therefore measures the changes in industrial production without the price effect. Based on data from INE, Idescat makes a tabulation by major industrial sectors as well as by sections and divisions in the CCAE-2009. It also calculates the IPI corrected for calendar effects.

With the publication of the data for January 2018 based on 2015, Idescat complies with Council Regulation (EC) 1165/98 on short-term statistics, which establishes a change of basis every five years. The implementation of this new basis improves the representativeness of the indicator and updates the industrial activities included, the composition of the market basket, the weighting structure and the sample of informant units. The linked sets of the indexes based on 2015 have been published since January 2002.

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