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Statistics on Campsite Activity. Q4 2018 and year 2018. Provisional data

The number of overnight stays spent at campsites in Catalonia increased by 6.8% in the fourth quarter of 2018 on the year-over-year data, according to the provisional data from the Campsite Occupancy Survey.

As to the origins of such tourism, domestic campers decreased by 3.2%: tourism from Catalonia decreased by 6.9% and the tourism from the rest of the country increased by 76.0%; whit regarding to the foreign tourism increased by 25.5%. Further, the year-over-year figures for the number of travellers registering at campsites increased by 7.2%.

In the year 2018, the number of overnight stays in campsites grew 0.4% in Catalonia, according to provisional data from the Campsite Occupancy Survey.

Regarding the origin of the travellers, overnight stays of domestic tourists rose by 1.3%: 1.4% those from catalan tourists and 0.3% from the rest of Spain; foreign tourism overnight stays decreased by 0.4%.The number of passengers in campsites rose by 0.5% on a yearly basis.