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Municipal Population Register. Statistical exploitation. 2018. Definitive data

The registered population in Catalonia on 1 January 2018 totalled 7,600,065 inhabitants. By place of birth, 4,917,988 inhabitants (64.7%) were born in Catalonia, 1,301,357 inhabitants (17.1%) were born in the rest of Spain and 1,380,720 inhabitants (18.2%) were born abroad, according to the Municipal Population Register.

By counties and Aran the highest percentages of the population born in Catalonia corresponded to La Terra Alta (83.1%), Les Garrigues (81.6%), El Priorat (80.6%), El Moianès (80.3%) and El Berguedà (80.2%). The highest percentages of the population born in the rest of Spain were to be found in El Baix Llobregat (21.9%), L'Aran (21.1%), El Tarragonès (21.1%) and El Baix Penedès (20.1%), while La Terra Alta (5.6%) and Les Garrigues (6.2%) were the counties with the lowest proportions of people born in the rest of Spain.

With regard to the proportion of the population born abroad, the highest figures were recorded in L'Alt Empordà (27.1%) and La Segarra (25.3%), while the lowest proportions corresponded to El Berguedà (9.8%), El Ripollès (10.0%), El Moianès (10.3%) and L'Anoia (10.6%).