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Centenarian Population Estimate. 2017

The centenarian population of Catalonia totalled 1,950 people on 1 January 2017, a figure representing an increase of 6.8% with respect to the previous year. According to the Centenarian Population Estimate statistic, there were 260 centenarians per each million inhabitants.

Women accounted for 82.1% of the centenarian population, while men accounted for 17.9%. The distribution by sex is very stable over time; throughout the last 15 years, the percentage of women within the centenary population has remained at around 82%.

In 2017 there were 780 people aged 100, 490 people aged 101, 320 people aged 102, 165 people aged 103, 100 people aged 104 and 100 people aged 105 years and over.

Data are provided for 2017 and the data for the 2003-2016 period are updated.