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Material Flow Accounts. 2015

The Domestic Material Consumption (DMC) of the Catalan economy totalled 49.1 million tonnes in 2015, a figure representing 6.6 tonnes per inhabitant and material productivity amounting to 5.0 euros per kg.

For the first time, Idescat is offering the Material Flow Accounts in order to describe the interactions between the economy and the environment. The estimates have been made by adapting Eurostat’s harmonized methodology to the area of Catalonia. The series is published from the year 2000 on.

The main component of the DMC is domestic extraction, which totalled 34.7 million tonnes, while the physical trade balance with external markets amounted to 14.4 million tonnes.

With regard to domestic extraction, the materials with the greatest weights were non-metallic minerals (77% of the total) and biomass (22.3% of the total), while fossil fuels accounted for less than 1% of the total. The extraction of metallic minerals was zero.

The physical trade balance with external markets totalled 14.4 million tonnes, with imports of materials amounting to 85.7 million tonnes, a figure exceeding exports (71.3 million tonnes). By territories, the balance with foreign markets stood at 19.1 million tonnes, while Catalonia was a net exporter of materials with respect to the rest of Spain, with a negative balance amounting to 4.7 million tonnes.

In relation to materials released into the environment after being used in the Catalan economy (processed domestic output), the main component was CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, which totalled 42.3 million tonnes, a figure equivalent to 5.7 tonnes per inhabitant.