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Industrial Price Index. 2018. Definitive data

The Industrial Products Price Index grew by 1.4% in Catalonia in 2018, according to definitive data. By large industrial sectors, increased all sectors: intermediate goods (2.5%), equipment goods (1.1%) and consumer goods (0.5%).

By industrial sectors, increased all sectors: Electrical energy and gas (5.9%), manufacturing industries (2.2%), extractive industries (1,8%) and water supply (1.1%). Within the manufacturing industries, the highest growth was registred in metallurgy; manufacture of basic iron, steel and ferroalloy products (5.3%) and chemical industries (3.5%); meanwhile the greatest decreases were shown in industries of food products (−0.4%).

In 2018, the Industrial Price Index increased 2.7% in Catalonia, mainly due to the growth of energy (8.1%).

The Industrial Price Index is a short-term indicator that measures the monthly evolution in the prices of products manufactured by industry during their first phase of commercialisation. Based on data from INE, Idescat makes a tabulation by major industrial sectors.