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Register of Inhabitants Residing Abroad. 2019

The number of Catalans residing abroad totalled 316,599 as of 1 January 2019, a figure amounting to a year-over-year increase of 4.7%, according to the Register of Inhabitants Residing Abroad. The number of people registered has increased in all the counties and Aran, except for L’Alta Ribagorça, where it has remained practically stable. The highest increases can be observed in El Solsonès (11.6%), La Garrotxa (11.3%), El Pla de l’Estany (9.3%) and El Vallès Oriental (9.2%).

By countries, France, with 42,952 Catalans, is the country with the highest number of residents for the whole of Catalonia and for 31 counties and Aran. We should highlight Aran, with 62.1% of the residents abroad living in France. Argentina is the primary destination for seven counties, with a particularly high figure from La Noguera, with 58.8% of the residents living abroad. Germany is the main destination of residents abroad from the Osona region, with 31.3%, and Andorra is the main destination for inhabitants of L’Alt Urgell (85.2%) and El Pallars Sobirà (35.8%).

By place of birth, residents abroad born in Catalonia totalled 106,337 on 1 January 2019, those born in the country they live in totalled 153,845, those born in other countries totalled 41,851 and, finally, the population born in the rest of Spain now residing abroad totalled 14,004.

The average age of the population residing abroad is 38.2, in other words, four years younger than the population residing in Catalonia. The Catalan residents abroad are chiefly located on the European continent (48.5%) and the American continent (46.6%).

In 2018 there were 27,656 new registrations at the consular registry offices, 9.5% fewer than a year before, corresponding to registrations due to birth, nationalization, omission and emigration abroad. This decline can be observed on all the continents except for Africa, where registrations have increased by 210.