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Statistics on Contributory Pensions. Contributory Social Security Pensions. 2018

The average contributory Social Security pension in Catalonia in December 2018 stood at 1,008 euros, a figure which represents an annual increase of 3.7%. The number of pensions increased by 1.1% with respect to the previous year, with a total of 1,701,954. 55.2% of the contributory pensions were received by women and 44.8% by men, with the respective average pensions totalling 783 euros and 1,286 euros.

By types of pension 1,102,326 were for retirement (64.8%), 387,248 for widowhood (22.8%), 163,896 for permanent disability (9.6%), 47,086 for orphanhood (2.7%) and 1,398 for relatives (0.1%).

By contribution regime, the pensions chiefly corresponded to the general regime (GR) (78.9%) and the special regime for self-employed workers (18.6%). These two regimes were the only ones to record increases in the number of pensions in comparison with 2017 (1.2% and 1.0%, respectively). As for the average pension in December, the average general regime provision totalled 1.5 times the average pension of the special regime for self-employed workers (€1,079 and €693, respectively).

The county of El Barcelonès recorded the highest number of pensions (545,732), with a slight increase of 0.1% with respect to 2017 and an average pension totalling 1,091 euros. El Vallès Occidental occupied second place with 197,540 pensions and an annual increase of 1.5%, while third place was occupied by El Baix Llobregat, with 170,138 pensions and an annual increase of 1.8%.

If the number of pensions is related to the county’s population, the counties with the highest number of pensions per ten inhabitants were Berguedà (3.5), El Ripollès (3.5) and La Terra Alta (3.3), while at the other end of the scale stood Aran (1.6), La Cerdanya (1.8) and L’Alt Empordà (1.8).

By municipalities with more than 20,000 inhabitants, we can observe that the average pension increased in all of them. The ones which recorded the most significant increases in relation to the previous year were Vila-seca (4.6%), El Masnou (4.3%), Olot (4.2%) and Premià de Mar (4.2%).

As for the number of pensions, the municipalities with the highest increases were Salou, Calafell and Vila-seca (5.2%, 4.7% and 4.2%, respectively). Barcelona was the only municipality in which the number of pensions fell (0.1%).

Sant Cugat del Vallès was the municipality with the highest average pension: 1,257 euros. It was followed by Tarragona and Barcelona (1,136 euros and 1,121 euros, respectively). The municipalities where this pension was lowest were Palafrugell (€830), Lloret de Mar (€832) and Sant Feliu de Guíxols (€837).