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    List of available statistics

    List of available statistics
    CodeNameLast period
    PROJPAActive Population Projections2015-2051
    EPAActive Population SurveyQ2/2019
    PIBAVNAdvance of the Quarterly GDPQ2/2019
    AFICAffiliations to Social Security based on the Location of Affiliates' Contribution Account06/2019
    CENSAGAgricultural Census2009
    PIBAAnnual Economic Accounts for Catalonia2018
    EAESAnnual Wage Structure Survey2017
    INTPOBRAt Risk of Poverty and Social Exclusion Territorial Indicators2017
    NAIXBirth Statistics2018
    CENSEBuilding Census2011
    CLEMBusiness Climate SurveyQ3/2019
    ICEHBusiness Confidence IndicatorsQ4/2019
    CSCCatalan Satellite Accounts2005
    EPCENTCentenarian Population Estimate2017
    EECompanies and Establishments01/01/2018
    IAECompanies, Establishments and Professionals (non-current statistics)2002
    PCSICompetitive Position of the Industrial SectorQ1/2019
    PCSTCompetitive Position of the Tourism Sector (non-current statistics)Q2/2015
    ECLLContinuous Household Survey2018
    AFIContributors and Affiliations to Social Security based on Contributors' Registered Place of Residence06/2019
    ECULCultural Facilities (non-current statistics)2001
    DEFDeath Statistics2017
    SHDDemographic Historical Series1920-1970
    EDDemographic Survey2007
    EECESSEconomic Statistics on Social Services Centres and Entities2014
    EESADEconomic Survey on Home Care Services
    EEPEducational Attainment Statistics
    ELEPCElections to the Catalan Parliament2017
    ELEPEElections to the European Parliament2014
    ELECDElections to the Spanish Parliament2016
    REGDISEstadística de persones amb discapacitat2017
    RESICEstadística de residus industrials declarats2017
    RESMCEstadística de residus municipals2017
    SERSOCEstadística de serveis socials bàsics2018
    ENTFINFinancial Institutions (non-current statistics)2002
    TURESTForeign Tourism08/2019
    TURDESTForeign Tourism Expenditure08/2019
    COMESTForeign Trade07/2019
    COMTECForeign Trade according to Technological ContentQ2/2019
    ESTRESForeigners with Residence Permit2018
    CONNACGranting of Spanish Citizenship2018
    HOSPEHealth Facilities (non-current statistics)2014
    PROJLHousehold Projections2016-2036
    ADRIndicators of Hotel Sector Profitability08/2019
    IASSIndicators of Service Sector Activity08/2019
    IECIIndustrial New Orders Received Indices08/2019
    IPRIIndustrial Price Index08/2019
    IPIIndustrial Production Index08/2019
    EIPIndustrial Products Survey2017
    INInnovation in Companies Statistics2016
    MIOCInput-Output Framework for Catalonia2014
    ECLLabour Cost StatisticsQ2/2019
    IVGSLarge Stores Sales Index08/2019
    BIBLibrary Survey2016
    IEVLife Expectancy Indicators and Standardised Death Rate2013-2017
    MCVLLongitudinal Statistics on Working Lives2017
    MATMarriage Statistics2018
    CFMMaterial Flow Accounts2015
    MMMigratory Movements2018
    PARCCMotor Vehicle Fleet 2018
    PROJMMunicipal Population Projections
    PMHMunicipal Population Register2019
    ELEMMunicipal elections2015
    NCPNames and Surnames of the Population2018
    NOMSNames of Newborn Children2018
    ENINational Immigration Survey2007
    IRPFPersonal Income Tax2016
    EPPopulation Estimates2019
    PROJPopulation Projections2018-2061
    CENSPHPopulation and Housing Census2011
    IBIProperty Tax2018
    IPPFProperty Tax for Natural Persons (non-current statistics)2007
    PIBTQuarterly AccountsQ2/2019
    PHRERegister of Inhabitants Residing Abroad2019
    RDResearch and Development2017
    HABITResidential building statistics2018
    RESRestaurants (non-current statistics)2005
    ICDRetail Commerce Index08/2019
    PROJPESchool-Age Population Projections2016-2026
    EPESeasonal Population Estimates2017
    CPSSocial Protection Accounts (non-current statistics)2010-2014
    ESSocial Survey: Households and Environment2008
    INDBPSSocial Welfare and Progress Indicators2018
    ADQNACSpanish Nationality Acquisition2017
    EESPSports Facilities Census2018
    EMPCULTStatistics and Accounts of the Cultural Companies2016
    EMPTICStatistics and Accounts of the ICT Companies2016
    EMPTURStatistics and Accounts of the Tourism Companies2016
    EDSNStatistics on Annulments, Separations and Divorces2018
    EAUVIStatistics on Audiovisuals2016
    TURCAMStatistics on Campsite ActivityQ2/2019
    EMOESCStatistics on Commuting for Non-University StudiesSY 2017/18
    EMOUNIVStatistics on Commuting for University StudiesSY 2016/17
    PENSStatistics on Contributory Pensions2018
    EXPAGRStatistics on Farm Structure2016
    EFDEStatistics on Financing and Expenditure of Private EducationSY 2014/15
    EDDESStatistics on Handicaps and Disabilities (non-current statistics)1999
    TURHOTStatistics on Hotel Activity08/2019
    EDCLStatistics on Household Consumer Expenditures2018
    TURURStatistics on Rural Tourism Accommodation ActivityQ2/2019
    TURALLStatistics on Tourist Accomodations2018
    ATUREGStatistics on applicants for employment and registered unemployment2018
    PPSRStatistics on non-contributory pensions2018
    RISStatistics on social inclusion income2018
    POLAUStatistics on the Catalan Police Force (Mossos d'Esquadra)2018
    POLOCStatistics on the Local Police Force2018
    ATURPStatistics on unemployment benefits2018
    EIEStructural Business Statistics in the Industrial Sector2016
    EASStructural Business Statistics in the Service Sector2016
    ECPCISurvey on Consumption and Childhood Cultural Practices (non-current statistics)2008
    ECPCSurvey on Consumption and Cultural Practices (non-current statistics)2006
    EDADSurvey on Disability, Personal Autonomy and Dependency Situations2008
    TICLSurvey on ICT Equipment and Use in Households2018
    EEPASurvey on Industrial Expenditure on Environmental Protection2016
    EULPSurvey on Language Uses of the Population2018
    ECVSurvey on Living Conditions2018
    ECVHPSurvey on Living Conditions and Habits of the Population (non-current statistics)2011
    EQVTSurvey on Quality of Life at Work (non-current statistics)2010
    ERETRSurvey on Recycling and Waste Treatment (non-current statistics)2006
    ERTRSurvey on Waste Collection and Waste Treatment2016
    ESTASurvey on Water Treatment and Supply2016
    EASASurvey on Water Use in the Agricultural Sector2016
    EASISurvey on Water Use in the Industrial Sector (non-current statistics)1999
    EGRISurvey on the Generation of Industrial Waste (non-current statistics)2010
    ETICCESurvey on the Use of ICT and e-Commerce in Companies2017-2018
    EUTSurvey on the Use of Time2010-2011
    RFDBCTerritorial Gross Disposable Household Income2016
    PIBCTerritorial Gross Domestic Product2017
    TICLTTerritorial Survey on ICT in Households2017
    PTFTotal Factor Productivity2018
    TURDESTourism Expenditure (non-current statistics)2005
    TURESPTourism in Catalonia of Residents in the Rest of SpainQ2/2019
    TURCATTourism of Residents in CataloniaQ2/2019
    IVNITurnover Index on Industry08/2019
    EESWage Structure Survey2014
    CSAWater Satellite Account (non-current statistics)2001