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INDBPS Social Welfare and Progress Indicators

The Social Welfare and Progress Indicators for Catalonia provide a multidimensional vision of the social, welfare and sustainability aspects associated with progress. They are classified in 8 different areas:

  1. Living and Working Conditions
  2. Health
  3. Education
  4. Environment
  5. Housing
  6. Safety and Transport
  7. Inclusion, Rights and Participation
  8. Leisure and Culture

This approach, which reflects international trends in the field, proposes to go beyond the framework of the economic indicators used traditionally to measure growth and welfare (GDP).

The first year with information is 2010 and the Indicators will be updated annually, in February and June. Moreover, the results will be presented for Catalonia as a whole.

Idescat and the Ministry of Economy and Finance are in charge of producing these Indicators, from various sources.