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Statistical System of Catalonia (SEC)

The Statistical System of Catalonia is an organised group of institutions and bodies that carry out statistical activities and manage relationship processes between the same that jointly produce statistics of relevant interest to the Government of Catalonia.

The Statistical System institutions and bodies include:

  1. The Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat), responsible for coordinating and managing the Statistical System of Catalonia.
  2. Bodies attributed with statistical responsibilities of departments of the Government of Catalonia, and those of autonomous agencies, public law entities or companies dependent upon it.
  3. Bodies attributed with official statistical responsibilities of local entities of Catalonia, and the agencies, entities or companies dependent upon them, within the framework of the Law 23/1998, of 30th December 1998, on statistics in Catalonia.
  4. Bodies or departments that carry out official statistical activities for data necessarily obtained in Catalonia or activities related to Catalonia from universities, Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Shipping and other public law entities, within the framework of the provisions of the aforementioned Law 23/1998.
  5. Institutes and university research centres that carry out official statistical responsibilities in the territory of Catalonia at the request of or via subventions by the institutions or entities mentioned above, in accordance with the same Law.