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Application Programming Interface (API)

Idescat exposes some of its data via a collection of REST APIs. Idescat's APIs offer methods for third-party programs to be able to obtain information from the Statistical Institute of Catalonia and integrate it in other services. The use of any of Idescat's APIs requires acceptance of the service terms of use.

Idescat's APIs can be grouped according to their version. Version 1 APIs share many aspects in terms of requests, error codes and response formats (see the general documentation for version 1).

Terms of use

  1. You must recognise the origin of the data, either using the links provided by the APIs, or linking to
  2. You are not authorised to show the content provided by the APIs in any way that does not permit access to links to Idescat's pages. Neither are you authorised to include an Idescat web page in any frame (<frame>, <iframe>).
  3. In presenting them, you are not authorised to modify or edit the data, metadata or links provided by the APIs.
  4. You must ensure that the meaning of the content provided by the APIs is not changed or distorted.
  5. The use of Idescat's APIs does not assume any kind of support, relation or affiliation between the service using them and the Statistical Institute of Catalonia. You are not authorised to show the information provided by Idescat's APIs in any way that suggests any such support, relation or affiliation.
  6. Idescat reserves the right to limit repeated requests from the same origin in order to guarantee everybody can access the service. It is your own responsibility to employ the necessary mechanisms to avoid requests for the same information within short periods of time. Excessive use can lead to finalisation of the service. If you intend to make intensive use of Idescat's APIs please contact Idescat in order to guarantee that this use does not damage the availability of the data in general.
  7. Any transfer, use or exploitation of the APIs must comply with the stipulations contained in current legislation and must always be associated to legitimate uses.
  8. In the case of any violation of these conditions, Idescat reserves the right to deactivate your access to the APIs. You will also be responsible for any damages caused by improper exploitation of this information.
  9. Idescat reserves the right to modify at its discretion these conditions at any time, and also to terminate this relationship or cancel your use, and declines any express or implicit guarantee in relation to this service.