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Statistics from other organisms

Statistics from other organisms
Code Name and geographical detail Geographical detail
AFICStatistics on employees and self-employed persons based on affiliations to Social Security. MunicipalitiesMunicipalities
PAPStatistics on Public Administration staff. MunicipalitiesMunicipalities
SIOPPublic sector employment indicators. CataloniaCatalonia
FMTStatistics of labor market flows. CataloniaCatalonia
ATUREGStatistical of the plaintiffs of employment and registered unemployment. MunicipalitiesMunicipalities
OLTJob offers statistics. Counties and AranCounties and Aran
SCSLStatistics on support for cooperatives and labor societies. Counties and AranCounties and Aran
SCStatistics of cooperative societies. Counties and AranCounties and Aran
SLStatistics on labor societies. Counties and AranCounties and Aran
ETTStatistics on temporary employment companies. ProvincesProvinces
ELESINStatistics of trade union elections. MunicipalitiesMunicipalities
REGOCUStatistics on employment regulation. MunicipalitiesMunicipalities
VAGStatistics of strikes and lockouts. ProvincesProvinces
CLCStatistics of collective labor conciliations. ProvincesProvinces
CLIEstadística de conciliacions laborals individuals. Counties and AranCounties and Aran
SINISTStatistics on occupational accidents. Counties and AranCounties and Aran
CONLABStatistics on employment contracts. MunicipalitiesMunicipalities
ITStatistics of the work inspection. ProvincesProvinces
DISOCUSistema d'indicadors sobre discapacitat i ocupació. CataloniaCatalonia

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The Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security compiles the main social-labour data in its Newsletter on Labour Statistics (Boletín de Estadísticas Laborales).

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