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Idescat's Statistics

Idescat's Statistics
Code Name, last period and maximum geographical detail
CFMMaterial Flow Accounts. 2016. Catalonia2016
CSCCatalan Satellite Accounts. 2005. Catalonia2005
Additional statistics
CodeName, last period and maximum geographical detail
ESSocial Survey: Households and Environment. 2008. Catalonia2008

Statistics from other organisms

Statistics from other organisms
Code Name, last period and maximum geographical detail
CLIMStatistics on weather data and climate monitoring. 2019. Counties and Aran
EHHydrographic statistics. 2018. Catalonia
RESICStatistics on declared industrial waste. 2018. Municipalities
RESMCStatistics on municipal waste. 2018. Municipalities
RCEstadística de residus de la construcció. New.
TARUStatistics on urban wastewater treatment. 2018. Catalonia
AIGUAEstadística sobre les entitats subministradores d'aigua per al consum humà. 2018. Counties and Aran
IQSABIndicators of the sanitary quality of bathing waters in the summer season. 2019. Counties and Aran
PENPStatistics of planning deployment in protected natural areas. 2019. Counties and Aran
SGAEESistemes de gestió ambiental i etiquetatge ecològic. New.
DIAEstadística sobre declaracions d'impacte ambiental. New.
AIREStatistics on air quality. 2019. Catalonia
ICAIndex of air pollution. 2019. Catalonia
AEEstadística d'activitats extractives. New.
EAEstadística de les espècies amenaçades. New.
ROMFORStatistics on Forest Clearing. 2019. Counties and Aran
REPFORStatistics on Reforestation. 2019. Counties and Aran
INCENStatistics on Forest Fires. 2019. Counties and Aran
EASASurvey on Water Use in the Agricultural Sector. 2016. Catalonia
EEPASurvey on Industrial Expenditure on Environmental Protection. 2016. Catalonia
ESTASurvey on Water Treatment and Supply. 2016. Catalonia
ERTRSurvey on Waste Collection and Waste Treatment. 2016. Catalonia

Related information

The Ministry for the Ecological Transition compiles the main environmental statistics.

The INE (National Statistics Institute) provides information on the results of statewide statistical operations concerning water, waste, expenditure on environmental protection and so on.

The data of the countries of the European Union can be viewed on Eurostat.

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