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Download the code for this project from GitHub.

Visual is a JavaScript library for data visualisation developed by Idescat. It is based on popular open source solutions. Visual offers a simple interface that encapsulates the complexity of these solutions for the most common types of chart.

Idescat uses this library to visualise the data published on its website.

1. Open source license

The Visual source code is published with an open source license on GitHub. It can be downloaded, used and modified freely. If you want to contribute to improvements to the library, you may fork the project at GitHub, push changes to your personal fork and send a pull request.

2. Charts and maps

Visual can represent a wide variety of visualisations, such as maps, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, scatter plots and population pyramids.

Visualisation catalogue


Time series



Scatter plots


One of Visual's functionalities is the creation of choropleth maps. The library provides the following maps of Catalonia:

  • Catalonia by municipalities
  • Catalonia by counties
  • Catalonia by areas of the Territorial Plan
  • Catalonia by provinces
  • 42 counties by municipalities
  • 4 provinces by municipalities

Visual also allows you to include your own maps.

3. Installation and use

To start trying Visual, download the complete code, have a look at the examples in the test folder and read the documentation.

Adapt the setup file to your own characteristics and requirements.

4. Related projects

The opening of the Visual source code complements Idescat's open data initiatives, such as the disclosure of some of its data via a collection of APIs and the provision of a set of widgets for use on other websites.