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Foreign investment and trade

Idescat's Statistics

Idescat's Statistics
Code Name and geographical detail
COMESTForeign Trade. 05/2021. Provinces05/2021
COMTECForeign Trade according to Technological Content. Q1/2021. CataloniaQ1/2021
PCSICompetitive Position of the Industrial Sector. Q4/2019. CataloniaQ4/2019
Additional statistics
CodeName and geographical detail
EIEStructural Business Statistics in the Industrial Sector. 2018. Catalonia2018
CLEMBusiness Climate Survey. Q2/2021. Catalonia Q2/2021

Statistics from other organisms

Statistics from other organisms
Code Name and geographical detail Geographical detail
CLEXExport Climate. CataloniaCatalonia

Related information

The Secretary of State for Trade of Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism publishes information on external trade and foreign investments.

The State Tax Administration Agency (Agència Estatal d'Administració Tributària) publishes monthly and annual information on foreign trade statistics.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce provides a data base on foreign trade.

Monogràfic sobre la competitivitat de les empreses catalanes. Nota d'economia no. 89 (2007).

Idescat's library

Documentary fund on foreign investment and trade