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Idescat's Statistics

Idescat's Statistics
Code Name and geographical detail
TURESTStatistics on Foreign Tourism. 12/2023. Catalonia 12/2023
TURDESTStatistics on Foreign Tourism Expenditure. 12/2023. Catalonia 12/2023
TURCATTourism of Residents in Catalonia. Q3/2023. CataloniaQ3/2023
TURESPTourism in Catalonia of Residents in the Rest of Spain. Q3/2023. CataloniaQ3/2023
ADRIndicators of Hotel Sector Profitability. 01/2024. Catalonia01/2024
TURHOTStatistics on Hotel Activity. 12/2023. Catalonia 12/2023
TURCAMStatistics on Campsite Activity. Q4/2023. CataloniaQ4/2023
TURURStatistics on Rural Tourism Accommodation Activity. Q4/2023. CataloniaQ4/2023
EMPTURStatistics and Accounts of the Tourism Companies. 2021. Catalonia2021
PCSTCompetitive Position of the Tourism Sector. Q2/2015. Catalonia (non-current statistics)Q2/2015 (non-current statistics)
TURDESTourism Expenditure. 2005. Catalonia (non-current statistics)2005 (non-current statistics)
CSTTourism Satellite Account. 2014. Catalonia2014
Additional statistics
CodeName and geographical detail
EPAEconomically Active Population Survey. Q4/2023. ProvincesQ4/2023
ECLLabour Cost Statistics. Q3/2023. CataloniaQ3/2023
CLEMBusiness Climate Survey. Q4/2023. CataloniaQ4/2023
ICEHBusiness Confidence Indicators. Q1/2024. CataloniaQ1/2024
EPESeasonal Population Estimates. 2021. Municipalities2021
EASStructural Business Statistics in the Service Sector. 2021. Catalonia2021

Statistics from other organisms

Statistics from other organisms
Code Name and geographical detail Geographical detail
TURALLStatistics on Tourist Establishments. MunicipalitiesMunicipalities

Related information

The Observatory of Work and Production Model and Employment of the Generalitat de Catalunya regularly publishes short-term reports on tourism in Catalonia.

Indicadors de posició competitiva del turisme a Catalunya. Nota d'economia no. 83–84 (2006).

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