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Tourism Expenditure

The reports on expenditures on tourism reflect the diversity and complementariness of the statistical sources that are needed to offer information on the impact of tourism on the Catalan economy.

Information on tourism must be obtained through administrative records (data on hotel capacity), surveys administered to companies and establishments (data on hotel or campsite occupancy, for example), population surveys (data on outbound tourism or domestic inbound tourism) and finally border tourist surveys (data on international inbound tourism).

This multiplicity of primary statistical operations is complemented further by synthesis operations related to the economic effects of tourism. In this realm, there are three different operations within the Catalan statistical system:

  • Residents' consumption abroad and non-residents' consumption domestically (annual and quarterly accounts for Catalonia)
  • The direct and total effect of tourism on the different sectors in the Catalan economy (application of expenditures on tourism to the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2001)
  • The development of the satellite accounting for tourism in Catalonia

The first part of the report contains a compilation of the accounting estimate for expenditures on tourism, in both nominal and real terms. The original source of these estimations is Idescat, and its methodological referent is the Input-Output Tables for Catalonia 2001.

The second part presents the results of the primary statistics on inbound and outbound tourism. For international inbound tourism, the original statistical source is FRONTUR and EGATUR, both from the Institute of Tourism Studies (Instituto de Estudios TurĂ­sticos, IET), while for domestic inbound tourism the source is the survey on journeys taken by Spaniards from the other autonomous communities to Catalonia, from the Directorate General of Tourism and Idescat. Finally, the flows of outbound tourism, both domestic and international, are known thanks to the survey administered by the Directorate General of Tourism and Idescat on journeys taken by Catalans.