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Statistics on unemployment benefits. 2020

The average number of unemployment benefits in Catalonia increased by 78% in 2020 and the economic volume rose by 135.4%.

Statistics on social inclusion income. 2020

The monthly average of benefits as Guaranteed Income for Citizens increased a 20.6% in 2020, and decreased a 22.1% for Active Inclusion Income.

Statistics on non-contributory pensions. Contributory Social Security pensions and other income maintenance benefits. 2020

A total of 60,580 non-contributory Social Security pensions were paid in Catalonia in December 2020, a 0.5% more with respect to the previous year.

"The municipality in figures" service receives update

Idescat has launched a new design and updated “The municipality in figures”, a service that allows users to consult basic statistical data on Catalonia's municipalities.

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