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EMPTUR Statistics and Accounts of the Tourism Companies

Idescat is offering statistics synthesised from different sources to enable sustained and annual multidimensional monitoring of the tourism sector. This monitoring includes the publication of the basic business results and also elements such as the intensity of innovation the sector.

The information provided by these Statistics can be used for better monitoring of the reality of tourism in Catalonia from a business perspective and to determine the behaviour of the units that produce tourism goods and services.

The Statistics and Accounts of Tourism Companies are an approach from the offer side. This offer is generated by a set of tourism companies (market companies), whose production is aimed, to a large extent, at the consumption of tourism. These companies are grouped into 20 branches or activities that are characteristic of tourism. Therefore, in observance of the recommendations made by the United Nations, these Statistics improve the list of statistical products related with tourism that are offered by Idescat.

The tourism sector is highly relevant in terms of economic analysis but its delimitation is complex in terms of classifying the activity. This is because it is not collected as a sector or activity as such, for tourism is determined by the use of goods and services that are offered by a variety of branches or activities. So, the tourism sector as a tourism industry refers to the set of activities that are characteristic of tourism that produce goods and services that are totally or partially consumed by foreign or domestic visitors.

The subjects covered and the sources of information used are as follows:

  • From the Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector a series of macromagnitudes is obtained to show the production and value added of tourism companies and other variables referring to the number of companies and employment.
  • The Survey on Innovation in Companies provides information on expenditure on innovation and the percentage of innovative companies.