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CST Tourism Satellite Account

The Tourism Satellite Account is an information system that consists of a series of tables and accounts with macroeconomic and non monetary information, whose principal aim is to present an overview of the origin and destination of goods and services for the different kinds of tourism and quantify their importance in the economy of Catalonia.

The analysis of tourism requires a systematic, comparable and complete picture of tourism activity to obtain information that is exhaustive, coherent and integrated in the economic accounts.

The tables and accounts that are offered are consistent with the concepts, definitions and classifications that appear in Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework 2008 by the World Tourism Organisation (WTO). The results are obtained by preparing syntheses and analyses of diverse statistical sources.

This account includes the following information:

  • Demand tables, which describe, from an economic point of view, the tourism expenditure and consumption of the different kinds of tourism, according to the types of goods and services.
  • Supply tables, which describe the production structure of tourism companies, the flows of goods and services and employment generated in the productive process.
  • Tables that correlate supply with demand, which enables estimates to be obtained of the direct contribution of tourism to the economy in terms of GDP and employment.
  • Additional tables offer contextual non-monetary tourism information.