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Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector

The Structural Business Statistics in the Service Sector (known as the Annual Services Survey until 2014 reference year) provide the main source of information on market services as a whole. Their main purpose is to study the structural features of service companies, including those related to trade (number of establishments and employees, turnover, intermediate consumption, personnel costs, investment, etc.), with a significant sectoral breakdown.

The primary sources of information are the Structural Business Statistics in the Trade Sector and the one on the services sector, two annual sample surveys conducted by the INE in the Catalan territory in partnership with Idescat (in accordance with the agreements signed by the two institutions).

Idescat draws up annual statistics based on the microdata of the Survey in order to expand the results for Catalonia by the number of branches and the number of variables available.

Available tables

By geographical destination of sales

Employed persons and hours worked

Turnover and mark-up (only for trade)

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