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CLEM Business Climate Survey

The Business Climate Survey is a quarterly statistical operation that collects the opinions of company representatives with activities in Catalonia, regarding the evolution and expectations for a set of variables relating to the economic development of their company.

The main objective of these statistics is to detect changing trends in the economic cycle in a fast, flexible way on the basis of information supplied by companies.

These statistics, which are produced jointly by Idescat and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, present quarterly results for the industrial, construction, trade, hostelry and other services sectors.

Idescat publishes the results for each of the sectors disaggregated by size of company and by activity branches, apart from the hostelry and construction sectors. In the case of the hostelry sector, the results are also published by tourist regions.

The information obtained from the Business Climate Survey also allows the calculation of the Harmonized Business Confidence Index, an operation conducted jointly with National Statistical Institute (INE) by means of a collaboration agreement.

Each quarter, as well as the basic questions to identify the situation and evolution of the business in a given period, the Survey questionnaire compiles information on useful areas of the entrepreneurial environment in the Section on the Current Entrepreneurial Situation.

The Section of the first quarter of 2020 focuses on the impact of the health crisis of COVID-19.

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