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EUT Survey on the Use of Time

The Survey on the Use of Time is a statistical action that aims to measure the amount of time the population devotes to their daily activities. It covers the distribution, duration and timing of the activities and provides information on effective working hours, the scope of the work regarded as unpaid, inter-household support, the behaviour of the population in their free time, the amount of time devoted to paid and unpaid work and the amount of time during which daily activities are performed by computer or on the Internet.

The Survey on the Use of Time is an official statistic of which two editions have been produced so far: the 2002–2003 edition (in which Idescat conducted it in collaboration with INE) and the 2010–2011 edition (which was Idescat's own statistic). The 2023–2024 edition is once again Idescat's own statistic, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Equality and Feminisms and the Barcelona City Council, and it takes into account some of the recommendations of the Eurostat guide "Harmonised European Time Use Surveys HETUS. 2018 Guidelines. 2020 Edition" (November 2020).

The results will be disseminated for Catalonia, areas of the Territorial Plan and, in the case of Barcelona, by supramunicipal groupings.

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