NSTR (en) Nomenclatura uniforme de mercaderies per a les estadístiques de transport, revisada Metodologia 

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Àmbit d'aplicació
Referència normativa
Any d'entrada en vigor
Oficina Estadística de les Comunitats Europees
Unió Europea
Recomanació de la Comissió de les Comunitats Europees
Tema001Live animals
Tema011Wheat, spelt and meslin
Tema019Other cereals
Tema031Citrus fruit
Tema035Other fruit and nuts, fresh
Tema039Other vegetables, frozen
Tema041Wool and other animal hair
Tema043Man-made fibres
Tema045Silk, flax, jute, true hemp and other vegetable textile materials
Tema049Rags and waste of textile materials
Tema051Paper and pulp wood
Tema055Other wood int the rough
Tema056Railway or tramway sleepers of wood and other wood roughly squared, half squared or sawn
Tema057Fuel wood, wood charcoal, woodwaste, cork unworked, waste cork
Tema060Sugar beet
Tema091Raw hides and skins, raw furshins, waste
Tema092Rubber, natural and synthetic, raw or reclaimed
Tema099Other non-edible raw vegetable and animal materials n.e.s.
Tema111Raw sugar
Tema112Refined sugar
Tema121Wine of fresh grapes, grape must
Tema122Beer made from malt
Tema125Other alcoholic beverages
Tema128Non-alcoholic beverages
Tema132Cocoa and chocolate
Tema133Tea, mat, spices
Tema134Unmanufactured tobacco and tobacco refuse
Tema135Manufactured tobacco
Tema136Glucose, dextrose, other sugars, sugar confectionery, honey
Tema139Food preparations n.e.s.
Tema141Meat: fresh, chilled or frozen
Tema142Fish, crustaceans and mollusc, (fresh, frozen, dried, salted or smoked)
Tema143Milk and cream, fresh
Tema144Butter, cheese, other dairy produce
Tema145Margarine, lard and edible fats
Tema147Meat: dried, salted, smoked; prepared or preserved
Tema148Crustaceans and mollusc, fish, prepared or preserved
Tema161Flour, cereal meal and groats
Tema163Other cereal preparations
Tema164Fruit, frozen, dried, dehydrated; prepared and preserved fruit
Tema165Dried vegetables
Tema166Prepared and preserved vegetables
Tema171Cereal straw, hay and husks
Tema172Oil-cake and residues resulting from the extraction of vegetable oils
Tema179Bran, cereal by-products and other animal food n.e.s., waste from the food industries
Tema181Oil seed fats, oil nuts and oil kernels
Tema182Animal and vegetable fats and oils and products derived there from
Tema213Coal, briquettes
Tema223Lignite, briquettes
Tema231Coke and semi-coke of coal
Tema233Coke and semi-coke of lignite
Tema310Crude petroleum
Tema321Motor spirit
Tema323Kerosene, jet fuel and white spirit
Tema325Distillate fuels
Tema327Residual fuel oils
Tema330Gaseous hydrocarbons, liquid or compressed
Tema341Lubricating oils and greases
Tema343Petroleum bitumen and bituminous mixtures
Tema349Other non-fuel petroleum derivatives
Tema410Iron ore and concentrates; except roasted iron pyrites
Tema451Non-ferrous metal waste
Tema452Copper ore and concentrates, copper matte
Tema453Bauxite and concentrates
Tema455Manganese ore and concentrates
Tema459Other non-ferrous ores and concentrates
Tema462Iron and steel waste for re-melting
Tema463Iron and steel waste not for re-melting
Tema465Iron slag for re-melting
Tema466Blast furnace dust
Tema467Roasted iron pyrites
Tema512Pig iron, spiegeleisen and carburised ferro-manganese
Tema513Ferro-alloys other than carburised ferro-manganese
Tema515Crude steel
Tema522Semi-finished rolled steel products (blooms, billets, slabs, sheet bars, coils)
Tema523Other semi-finished steel products
Tema532Hot-rolled or shaped steel
Tema533Cold-rolled or shaped or forged steel
Tema535Wire rod
Tema536Steel iron and steel wire
Tema537Steel rails and railway and tramway track construction material
Tema542Sheets and plates of steel for re-rolling, universal plates
Tema543Other steel plates and sheets
Tema545Steel hoop and strip, tinplate
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