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The Retail Trade Indices (ICD) measure the short-term evolution of business activities operating in retail trade sector in Catalonia. All activities included in the retail trade sector are researched, except for motor vehicles and motorbikes, in accordance with the National Classification of Economic Activities (NACE-Rev. 2)

These indicators use the turnover variable to reflect changes in one of the most important sectors in the Catalan economy. Turnover includes the amounts billed by companies for the provision of services and sales of goods (which form part of the company's business operations). It is calculated in net terms while deducting returned sales, as well as discounts on sales. Cash discounts and discounts on sales for immediate payment are not deducted.

Idescat produces the ICD every month using data provided by the INE, and calculates the indices for Catalonia for food and other products sector, disaggregated by: personal equipment, household equipment and other goods.

The calculation of these indices uses Laspeyres type chain indices, in which the reference period for the variables changes every year. This reference period is the month of December from the year immediately prior to the one in question.

The base year for the indices is 2010, and the first data published using the new base is January 2013. The whole series since January 2005 has been calculated retrospectively using the new base.

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