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Confirmed cases of COVID-19 and deaths

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 and deaths according to the place of death Catalonia
Deaths of confirmed or suspected cases
Cases Confirmed In hospitals and clinics In retirement homes At home Non-classifiable Total
22/11/2020 331,412 9,568 4,311 927 736 15,542
15/11/2020 318,669 9,314 4,289 905 624 15,132
08/11/2020 299,946 8,985 4,260 891 495 14,631
01/11/2020 270,289 8,654 4,232 872 382 14,140
25/10/2020 235,037 8,441 4,210 861 307 13,819
18/10/2020 203,397 8,294 4,202 850 273 13,619
11/10/2020 186,294 8,212 4,192 846 249 13,499
04/10/2020 172,887 8,160 4,192 843 220 13,415
Source: Idescat, based on data from the Catalan Ministry of Health.

Last update: November 23, 2020.

Methodological note

The information on the incidence of COVID–19 in Catalonia comes from the data published by the Government of Catalonia's Ministry of Health (in the daily bulletin issued until 29th July 2020 and the website from 29th July 2020). The data refer to the date of notification (at 9:00 pm until 17th May 2020 and at midnight from 18th May 2020 onwards). Since 15 April the Catalan Government's Ministry of Health has expanded the information on COVID–19, with data deaths from funeral homes.

With regard to cases of infection by the coronavirus, they include positive cases confirmed by a diagnostic test (PCR, antigen test or fast antibodies test). The data prior to 25 May 2020 also include possible cases that have not been confirmed (people with symptoms that have contacted the healthcare services and have followed a treatment without having undergone a conclusive diagnostic test).

With regard to deaths, they include deaths of confirmed or suspected infections with the coronavirus. Since 15 April, the Catalan Ministry of Health has offered the total number of deaths in hospitals, retirement homes, social health centres and at home throughout Catalonia, based on the information provided by funeral homes.

Notes about data

- Deaths in care homes since 19 May are counted together with those occurring in hospitals and clinics.

- The number of deaths in hospitals and clinics decreased on 19 May due to a data review by the Ministry of Health, Government of Catalonia.

- The number of confirmed cases falls on 18th May and the number of possible cases rises due to a data review by the Ministry of Health, Government of Catalonia.