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1. Content

The calendar shows the dissemination dates of Idescat's statistical production, as established in the Annual Programme for Statistical Action (PAAE).

Statistical results can be ordered according to two criteria:

  • By date: statistics are listed according to the day they are scheduled to be published (by month for those whose date has yet to be determined). Clicking on the code displays the dates scheduled for the entire year for that specific statistic.
  • By statistic: Statistics are listed alphabetically by code.

In some cases, statistical results are divided into three statuses:

  • Advance: when the updated data are a partial exploitation of the statistics.
  • Provisional: when the updated data are the first exploitation of the statistical results but there is a definitive update pending (which could result in a change in the data).
  • Definitive: when the provisional results for the statistics become definitive.

Clicking on the reference period shows you the latest news on the statistics that have been updated in the last year.

You can export the calendar in iCalendar format.

2. Dates

The calendar includes the dissemination dates of short-term statistics (i.e. those published with a periodicity of less than one year). You will find a list of structural statistics (those published with a periodicity of more than one year) in the "Day to be determined" section. The dissemination date for these statistics will be posted on the last working day of the month prior to the month of publication.

3. Reference period

The statistics' reference period indicates the time interval covered by the published data. If the statistics are short-term, generally the reference period is monthly or quarterly. If the statistics are structural, generally the reference period is annual, biennial, or quadrennial. There are a few statistics with other periodicities, such as semiannual or weekly.

4. Updates

At the end of each year, during the second half of December, the following year's calendar for statistics is published.This calendar remains provisional until the Government approves the 2023 Annual Statistical Action Programme, at which point it will become definitive.

The "Without date" section provides information on statistics that are scheduled for dissemination in the year in question but have no set date as of yet, while the Changes section records the changes to already published statistics that have taken place during the calendar year.

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