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Ongoing surveys

Data collection is an essential task to obtain quality information that is useful for society, and to achieve this the collaboration of the general public is indispensable. In this section, you will find the list of the surveys that Idescat conducts throughout the year, targeting both the general public and companies and institutions.

Ongoing surveys and surveys with field work envisaged in 2023
Aimed at people and households
Survey on the Use of Time (EUT). 2023-2024 Ongoing
Survey on Language Uses of the Population (EULP). 2023 Ongoing
Territorial Survey on ICT in Households (TICLT). 2023 Ongoing
Survey on Living Conditions (ECV). 2023 Completed
Aimed at companies and institutions
Survey on Intermediate Consumption (MIOC). 2021 Ongoing
Business climate survey (CLEM). Q4/2023 Not started
Business climate survey (CLEM). Q4/2022 Completed
Business climate survey (CLEM). Q3/2023 Completed
Business climate survey (CLEM). Q2/2023 Completed
Business climate survey (CLEM). Q1/2023 Completed