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Terms of use

  1. You agree not to modify the content of the widget or to delete the text "Widget provided by Idescat", maintaining the Idescat icon and its links. You understand and accept that Idescat has the right to modify this footnote. Idescat also reserves the right to adapt the content of the widget to improve its functionality, approximately maintaining the size of the whole.
  2. The widgets provided by the Statistical Institute of Catalonia are subject to Idescat's privacy policy, which reserves the right to register the address of the page where the widget is included.
  3. At its own discretion, Idescat can change the technical processes used to construct its widgets and also cancel the service at any time.
  4. The inclusion of the Idescat widget does not assume any kind of support, relation or affiliation between the website that has included it and the Statistical Institute of Catalonia. You are not authorised to show the widget in any way that suggests any such support, relation or affiliation.
  5. Any transfer, use or exploitation of the widget must comply with the stipulations contained in current legislation and must always be associated to legitimate uses.
  6. In the case of any violation of these conditions, Idescat reserves the right to deactivate the widget from your website. You will also be responsible for any damages caused by improper exploitation of this information.
  7. Idescat reserves the right to modify at its discretion these conditions at any time, and also to terminate this relationship or cancel your use, and declines any express or implicit guarantee in relation to its widgets.

The Indicators of the day widgets make it possible to include information updated by Idescat about indicators monitoring the Catalan economy in any website, simply by copying a couple of lines of code.

A widget is a small application that can be embedded, for example, in a web page.

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