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Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia

The Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia gathers the basic information on the main official statistics produced by the organisations of the Statistical System of Catalonia, and the most relevant information produced by other official organisations (from Catalonia and the rest of Spain) on Catalonia.

The Yearbook contains more than 10,000 statistical tables which are updated as the data become available. The data are of an annual nature and are classified into 25 topics, in accordance with the thematic organisation of Idescat's website.

The Statistical Yearbook of Catalonia was first disseminated in 1984 and it was published on paper until 2010. The copies for the above period have been digitized and they can be viewed in the publication catalogue and in person in paper format at the Library.

Idescat publishes other products involving statistical collection, which can be found in Indicators, in the section Data on the Idescat website.