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Official tenders in construction (opening date)

Official tenders in construction (opening date) Catalonia. 2023 (p)
Value Variation (%)
Total 3,896.1 24.0
By contracting agent
Central administration 1,312.6 176.2
Generalitat 1,232.5 40.9
Local administration 1,351.0 -24.6
By type of project
Buildings 1,579.9 -1.8
Civil works 2,316.2 51.2
Units: Millions of euros.
Source: Cambra Oficial de Contractistes d'Obra de Catalunya.
(p) Provisional data.

Last update: January 16, 2024.

Methodological note

Official tenders in construction is an indicator which is used to monitor changes in the public construction market. It is obtained by taking all project tender announcements where the contractor is a public administration or one of its organisations or companies and which are published in official gazettes. The amount calculated is the initial tender budget (not including VAT) and it is accrued by time based on the date of the public opening of the sealed bids put in by the bidder companies. Projects awarded through non-advertised processes are included for the amount awarded and at the time when they become known.

The tender is classified by the type of project and a distinction is made between buildings (which includes all types of residential and non-residential buildings) and civil engineering works (all projects which are not a building).