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Publishing production. Titles published. By types. Provinces

Publishing production. Titles published. By types. Provinces 2019
Barcelona Girona Lleida Tarragona Catalonia Spain % Cat./Spa.
Titles 17,200 928 404 511 19,043 64,154 29.7
Books 14,057 747 355 428 15,587 52,930 29.4
Booklets 3,143 181 49 83 3,456 11,224 30.8
Source: INE.
Note: A partir de 2015, es considera comunitat autònoma d'edició la comunitat autònoma on hi ha la seu central de l'editorial.

Last update: February 16, 2022.

Methodological note

Methodological aspects

The statistics on publishing production produced by INE covers the non-periodical print publications published in Spain and made available to the public, except for the following publications:

  • Published with advertising purposes, catalogues, brochures, etc.
  • Publications ephemerality: schedules, rates, show guides, statutes, etc.
  • Musical works (sheet music) and the cartographic production, except atlases.

The units of analysis are books and booklets.

With the entry into force of Law 23/2011 of 29 July on Legal Deposit, a change of adaptation for the publications is introduced, which is based on the new role that is attributed to the editor.

The presence of the editor as principal applicant subject (not the printer as before the Act).

This implies a change in the field of statistics going exclusively to publications published in Spain regardless of where they were printed (in previous research focused on the set of printed publications in Spain even coming from foreign publishers).

In 2012, due to adaptation to the methodological changes of the statistics, information about reprints, copies, and consequently, medium production volumes is not included.

La variable "Altres" inclou els títols editats en dos o més idiomes/dialectes de l'Estat espanyol, així com en d'altres idiomes estrangers.

Unavailable information is represented using the symbol ":". When the value is lower than that of the minimum unit to be able to estimate the statistical operation or if it effects statistical confidentiality, the symbol used is "..".