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Facilities for the elderly. Residences. By ownership. Counties and Aran, areas and provinces

Facilities for the elderly. Residences. Places. By ownership. Counties and Aran, areas and provinces Catalonia
Public initiative Social initiative Business initiative Total
2021 10,311 13,681 36,985 60,977
2020 10,319 13,779 36,856 60,954
2019 10,307 13,784 36,106 60,197
2018 10,298 14,073 35,517 59,888
2017 10,291 14,066 35,278 59,635
2016 10,167 14,177 35,114 59,458
2015 9,777 14,128 34,734 58,639
2015: Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families.
2016-2019: Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Families.
2020-2021: Ministry of Social Rights.

Last update: July 12, 2022.

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Methodological note

Definition of concepts

Residence for the elderly
Centre that offers residential placement of a permanent or temporary nature to elderly people. There are two such types of service: residential home services and assisted living residential services. The former are addressed at elderly people that have sufficient capacity and autonomy to organise their own everyday activities, but that need certain levels of organisation and personal support. The latter, providing integral care, are addressed at elderly people that do not have a high enough level of autonomy to perform everyday activities and that require constant care and supervision, and that are in socio-familiar conditions that require a place in substitution of their home.
Specialised care social service
Level of specific action aimed at the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, support and rehabilitation of the social deficits of people belonging to collectives or segments of the population due to the singularity of their needs. These services are provided by specialised professionals and depending on different cases, may use community, daytime or residential services along with other adequate resources for said purpose.

Methodological aspects

The Catalan social services system is the coordinated set of personal services, facilities, activities, economic benefits and of prevention, care and social promotion in Catalonia, which aims to ensure the participation of all citizens in the benefits of social life. Is specifically designed for individuals, families or groups who, by having difficulties in the development and integration into society, lack of personal autonomy, physical, mental or sensory disabilities, family problems or suffer social marginalization, are creditors of collective and caring effort.

The system is divided functionally into primary care social services and social services of specialized care, and is organized territorially in key areas of social services, sectors of county, regional and territorial areas of Catalonia, and in the following areas of action: care for family, childhood and adolescence; care for people with disabilities, old age care and treatment of drug addicts.

The accommodation facilities are directed to persons aged 65 and over in a situation of dependence. The assignment of a residential centre is conducted through Individual Care Program (PAI), developed by public social services, which determines the most appropriate methods of intervention to the needs of people in situations of dependence on services and economic benefits provided for in resolution by his degree and level.

Includes both modalities: residential home services and assisted living residential services.

Is temporary or permanent and is for elderly people with a degree of autonomy to the activities of daily living that require a certain level of organization and personal support. The main objective is to facilitate a replacement of the home environment.

The functions performed by this service are: accommodation, maintenance, hospitality, social harmony and personal support.

The home residence consists of a housing with communal facilities and a professional team formed by a service manager and a hygienic and sanitary responsible and sufficient staff to provide adequate delivery of the functions of accommodation, maintenance, hospitality, social harmony and personal support so as to ensure the permanent and continuously presence 24 hours a day.

They are permanent or temporary and of comprehensive assistance, and are directed to elderly people who do not have a degree of autonomy to perform activities of daily living, need constant supervision and have a social and family situation that requires replacing the household. The service is tailored to the degree of dependence of the users, and the professional staff working with them is multidisciplinary.

Current Territorial Distribution

At present, Catalonia is divided into 41 counties, 1 singular territorial entity (Aran) and 8 areas of the Territorial Plan, according to the latest territorial changes, which affect the areas of El Penedès and the Central Counties, Aran and El Moianès.

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